End-of-year lab party at SpareMe, May 2024. 

Lap photo

Lab photo, September 2023. Back row, l to r: Brett Dwyer, Angela Richardson, Rachel Backstrom, Mark Blumberg, Lydia Karr, Taylor Christiansen, Abby McLeod, Greta Sokoloff. Front row, l to r: Hailey Long, Midha Ahmad, Abby Myroth, Victory Obielodan, Alexia Lynn, Hayley Chappell, Daylan Carney, Becky Wu. 

Ryan's grad party_Nov 2022

Celebrating the PhD defense of Ryan Glanz (far left) in November 2022. To his left are Angela Richardson, Zipeng Kev You, Midha Ahmad, Rachel Backstrom, Hailey Long, Kennedy Glanz, and Brett Dwyer. 


Jimmy Dooley (former postdoc), Alex Tiriac (PhD 2016), and Lex Gómez (PhD 2022) at the Iowa Neuroscience Institute event at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, SfN, October 2019. Jimmy is now an assistant professor at Purdue University, Alex is an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University, and Lex is a postdoc at Johns Hopkins University. 


Reunion of some past and present lab members at SfN in Chicago in October 2019. From left: Greta Sokoloff (PhD 2001), Alex Tiriac (PhD 2016), Rikki Laser (BS 2019), Mark Blumberg, Trey Todd (PhD 2012), Adele Seelke (PhD 2007), Jimmy Dooley (postdoc, 2022), and Lex Gómez (PhD 2022). 

Carlos and Didhiti

Carlos Del Rio-Bermudez and Didhiti Mukherjee on their graduation day, May 2017. Carlos is now a science writer living in Spain and Didhiti is a postdoc at Johns Hopkins University.

Lab Party_Sept2017

Lab party at Jimmy and Michaela's, Iowa City, September 2017.


Lab reception, Iowa City, May 2016. From left: Alex Yonk, Nick Sattler, Didhiti Mukherjee, Jimmy Dooley, Greta Sokoloff, Alan Plumeau, Alex Tiriac, and Carlos Del Rio-Bermudez. 


Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC, 2011. From left: Alex Tiriac, Adele Seelke, Andy Gall, Karl Karlsson (with Nana), Greta Sokoloff, Mark Blumberg, Trey Todd, Brandt Uitermarkt, and Ethan Mohns. 


At Shorts, Iowa City, 2011. From left: Andy Gall, Ashlyn Gerth (hidden), Trey Todd, Cassie Coleman, Alex Fanning, Alex Tiriac, Brandt Uitermarkt, Mark Blumberg, and Cindy Shaw.