Sleeping baby with EEG



We are recruiting full-term infants to participate in our sleep study!

Smiling baby with EEG

Our research was featured on the sleep episode of the Netflix series, Babies.

What is twitching?

We are studying the small movements, called twitches, that babies make while they sleep. Twitches are a normal part of sleep. In fact, every day thousands of twitches occur throughout the body—eyes, face, fingers, toes—during a phase of sleep called REM sleep. 

We want to understand how twitches contribute to brain development. 

What happens during a sleep session?

At approximately 1, 3, and 6 moths of age, we will video your child's behavior during sleep and measure brain activity using an EEG cap. Your child will also complete simple motor and cognitive tasks to assess their development. Each visit typically lasts less than 3 hours.

You will receive a complimentary onesie and toy!

Who is eligible?

Infants born full-term (37 weeks gestational age) who are currently less than 6 months of age can enroll.

Want to learn more or get started?

Please email us at to learn more or follow this link to get started.